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Some might mention the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer here. To those who would dare do such a thing: shut your yapper. Though to be fair, the penny dreadful Varney the Vampire —47 is likely worse, as the writer was paid by the line, resulting in an double-columned page monstrosity divided into chapters when somebody thought turning the weekly series into a book in was a good idea. This rambling nightmare went on for weeks, with Varney getting repeatedly killed and raised by moonlight and several other means until the author had Varney chuck himself into Mount Vesuvius.

Before Dracula , European vampires were something more akin to werewolves or zombies : the mythical undead danger in the forest. Some like the Vrykolakas from the Balkans could pass themselves off as humans and even father children one of the possible sources for the half-human half-vampire Dhampir concept , though for the most part they were clearly animated corpses.

The Chinese Ch'ing Shich from Siberia and China is so similar to many European vampires that it is nearly frightening. As with the large range of European types, they could be peasant or noble, and in many cases was a corpse animated by a demon. They, like their European counterparts, could vary from beautiful to horrific.

There is a very close variant called the jiangshi or hopping corpse. Somebody tried to make a movie involving the jiangshi [18] and yes the result was what has to be the most ridiculous vampire ever put on film. Some will just feast on animal blood, some will "go on the wagon" plus many other references to alcoholism , some will just eat shades of red, some will use an alternative. However, even a vegetarian vampire can't get blood from a turnip. Vampires also tend to fight with other mythical creatures across various works of fiction.

Almost without exception, the vampires are the cool ones at the top of the food chain, while werewolves are usually the butt of their jokes. Not even Discworld is able to escape this stereotype.

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The earliest fictional vampires such as Varney the Vampire and even Stoker's Dracula were not destroyed by sunlight. That feature was introduced in F. Murnau's film Nosferatu an unauthorized German adaptation of Dracula that's still regarded as one of the best. From that point on with the occasional exception such as the vampire in Hammer's Captain Kronos — Vampire Hunter and the vampires in Master of Mosquiton and Hellsing manga and anime exposure to sunlight was one of the go-tos for dispatching a vampire.

Now, thanks to ingenuity, an occasional trip back to the original folklore, and Stephenie Meyer , [notes 5] , all a vampire needs to keep from turning into ash is some bleached hair, sunscreen, and bad plot devices. Smith and The Southern Vampire Mysteries aka True Blood by a Mississippian named Charlaine Harris the last of which is set in the last place you would expect to find a vampire: the South. All three have become successful live-action movies or TV shows, and in the case of the third a critical hit well that is until the latter seasons of the show.

Of course, the destruction of a vampire can be played for laughs as is the case with Alucard von Mosquiton who gets killed via stake and brought back with blood in nearly every episode of the six part Master of Mosquiton OVA. In Marvel Comics a vampire is driven away by belief.

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For example, Uncanny X-Men Kitty Pryde who is Jewish tries to drive Dracula away with a cross which has no effect but the Star of David on her necklace does affect him. Later Wolverine makes a cross with his claws and Dracula laughs in his face as Wolverine does not believe. Nightcrawler who is a devout Catholic makes a cross from some wood and drives Dracula away. The comedy Love at First Bite has Dr.

What Is a Vampire?

Rosenberg pull out a Star of David to which Dracula comments that Rosenberg should go find a nice Jewish girl. Early, as well as modern, interpretations of European vampire lore suggest an allegory or parody of Christianity.

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If a character drinks the blood of a vampire , they will die but live forever after death. Sound familiar? However, not all folklore vampires were based in Christianity. The Gaki of Japan for instance was related to Shintoism. Despite or possibly because of this, many priests have denounced the stories of Dracula and, more recently, Edward Cullen, akinning vampire-fandom to idolatry. It is expected that many of those who speak out against such novels for this reason haven't read the books, otherwise they would praise the conservative message of the Twilight saga and criticize it for its horrible writing.

Although some claim it's full of Mormon references, so they might not like that. Undead vampires are almost immortal but they need to drain the lifeforce of the living in order to survive, usually in the form of blood.

The Bloody Truth About Vampires

The traditional sunlight, decapitation, being burned to ashes, or an oak stake driven through the heart is based on a mishmash of the Slavic variant Vampiir , Nosferatu , and Dracula [notes 6] movie. Captain Kronos — Vampire Hunter' s claim of there being "as many species of vampire as there are beasts of prey" is not that far from the actual folklore. For example, the Astral everywhere , Baital India , and Gaki Japan vampires are spirits that animate corpses and can be active in daylight if they want. So you can "kill" the body they are using but they will simply animate another one.

At least one vampire, the Katakhana, has a destroy by date - if not destroyed 40 days after creation it becomes indestructible. Either it is 1 stab through the stomach with a stake made of hawthorn 2 cover its hair with tar 3 set it ablaze with a candle that was used during its wake. One problem with vampire myths is that there are issues with translations and spelling variations making it hard to see if the myth is of one vampire or ones with very similar names.

Similarly the terms Vampiir and Vampir sound identical but seem to refer to two different vampires. Another problem is that words change. Vukolak means both vampire and werewolf and seems to be what the Wild Wild West episode "Night of the Wolf" was going for with "vrkalack". It is unclear if the "Wurdulak" vampire in the film Black Sabbath is a variation of this or something made up that sounds similar. Some people actually think they're vampires, though what they define as a vampire varies, with one such laughable variation known as the "psychic vampire" [25] or "energy vampire".

William Schnoebelen claims to have been a practicing vampire until he was turned by a bank clerk in , lost all his magical powers, and converted to Mormonism instead. Other people really think that they are vampire hunters. Inspired by the lurid accounts of "actual" vampire hunts of the 18th century Arnold Paole being the most famous of these and the Victorian vampire craze a few scholars stripped their gears and went vampire hunting though the majority of 19 th century hunts were done by local "amateurs" or quacks.

The kits usually came in the form of ornate boxes containing a crucifix, wooden stakes, vials of "holy" water and a small Derringer-style pistol with silver bullets. The kits were novelty items sold to fans of the macabre and the gullible i.

Vampires: Folklore, fantasy and fact - Michael Molina

Victorian-Era mall ninjas. Even after vampires were dismissed as fiction, the occasional modern vampire hunter still turns up.

They are best known — in fact, solely known — for their involvement in the Highgate Vampire incident in the '70s, and subsequent rivalry over their competing accounts of the events. Indeed, a search for Manchester on Wikipedia gets a redirect to the Highgate Vampire article [36] , while a search for Farrant will bring up an obscure New Zealand cricketer , with a note at the top saying " For other uses, see Highgate Vampire Initial publicity.

However, Manchester and Farrant are beaten in popularity by the fictional vampire hunters Abraham Van Helsing, one of the main characters of the aforementioned Dracula , and Buffy Summers, star of the cult TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer. In the city of Glasgow, Scotland went vampire-crazy, with hundreds of schoolkids swarming the city's cemeteries in pursuit of the "Gorbals vampire".

People unfamiliar with this process would interpret this fluid to be blood and suspect that the corpse had been drinking it from the living. Before people understood how certain diseases spread, they sometimes imagined vampires were behind the unseen forces slowly ravaging their communities. Trying to kill vampires, or prevent them from feeding, was a way for people to feel as though they had some control over disease.

Because of this, vampire scares tended to coincide with outbreaks of the plague.

Meet the Real-Life Vampires of New England and Abroad

In , archaeologists unearthed a 16th-century skull in Venice, Italy, that had been buried among plague victims with a brick in its mouth. The brick was likely a burial tactic to prevent strega —Italian vampires or witches—from leaving the grave to eat people. Not all vampires were thought to physically leave their grave. Again, this belief likely has to do with purge fluid, which could cause the shroud to sag or tear, creating the illusion that a corpse had been chewing it. These stationary masticators were still thought to cause trouble aboveground, and were also believed to be most active during outbreaks of the plague.

He wrote that people could stop them by exhuming the body and stuffing its mouth with soil, and maybe a stone and a coin for good measure. Without the ability to chew, the tract claimed, the corpse would die of starvation.