The New California Wine: A Guide to the Producers and Wines Behind a Revolution in Taste

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The New California Wine

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The Science Behind Wine

Kevin Alexander. I can assure them they are wrong. For any team of editors or writers looking at how best to showcase what is going on in a particular region, this is as good a blueprint as any.

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It's particularly encouraging that so much work has gone into this, considering that outside Canada, with the exception of its ice wines, Niagara is not exactly well known. For those that might not be au fait with the Niagara peninsula, it is the centre of Ontario's wine production and has a number of relative newly sub-appellations.

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It is also Canada's largest wine region, with a unique microclimate that is driven by the interaction of the Niagara Escarpment with Lake Ontario. Overall this is an excellent study of the Niagara wine industry that while academic at times and heavily populated with different voices across the separate sections some of which you'll prefer to others , it's still a cracking read and a blueprint for other regions to flag the story of their region — warts and all.

Words and phrases such as triple-A rating, bailout, burn the bond holders, credit crunch, leveraging, naked short-selling and sub-prime mortgages have entered our personal lexicons. Bearing this in mind, this overview of the economics of wine is particularly well-timed. It focuses on the organisation, structure and institutional features of the American wine industry with respect to how grape growers, wine producers, distributors, retailers and consumers interact.

Tablas Creek Vineyard Blog: Celebrating "The New California Wine" with an old California wine

Written by James Thornton, professor of economics at Eastern Michigan University and a member of the American Association of Wine Economists, it's a fascinating study that shines a light on the wine industry's economic importance, how it is structured, government regulation, and the various wine companies who make up the industry. It also investigates the important concepts and principles that form the bedrock of any study of the wine industry and examines what Thornton sees as the complex nature of wine and wine quality.

The book goes through the essentials of viticulture, vinification and distribution, including the various decisions and concessions that go into making wine, from harvesting methods and yields to cost and quality. We are exposed to the nuts and bolts of supply and demand and the worry and exhilaration that goes with experiencing boom and bust.

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Thornton also scrutinises the pivotal role of the winemaker in determining style, substance and economic success. We see where bulk wine and own-label bottlings fit in to the marketplace and are treated to an analysis of the relentless rise in the alcoholic strength of American wine, among many other topics.

A Restrained View of California Wine

Much of the detail on viticulture and vinification will hardly be news to most wine enthusiasts. What might be less well known are the economics and the theory that goes with it. That's not to say that this is a difficult book to read, it's not. Stay informed and spot emerging risks and opportunities with independent global reporting, expert commentary and analysis you can trust.

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