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Privacy and publicity rights are, of course, distinct from copyright. For example, an advertiser may have the photographer's permission as copyright owner to use a portrait. But in order to avoid invading privacy, the advertiser may also need the sitter's permission to use the photograph. In fact, publishers sometimes ask photographers to submit a copy of a "release form" in order to establish that the subject of a photograph gave his or her consent. Although the risks for use in a periodical's "editorial" pages may be less than for use in advertising or for other commercial purposes, they can still be high if the person depicted is held up to ridicule or presented in a libelous manner.

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While it is true that famous or public figures who seek recognition have thereby surrendered some privacy, they may have the right to control the commercial use of their image likeness, voice, signature, etc. This principle recognizes that a celebrity's image can be an asset in trade. Chernoff, George and Hershel Sarbin.

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Library of Congress call number: KF P45C44 Schultz, John and Barbara Schultz. Library of Congress call number: TR S38 I have written sub plans. I have sent many emails. I have mapped out schedules for David. We just recently went in on 2 acres of river property for camping with a bunch of family members. Apparently we are THAT serious about camping. It was decided that Saturday would be a work day. Some people were hauling grass and brush to burn piles.

David was going to get started on the electrical hookup. Me: I am almost dressed. Can you give me ten minutes? HD: No! Dad said NOW. Throw a coat on and get out there! I hate when he thinks he is the boss of me. So, I threw a coat on over my pajama shirt. I was luckily wearing jeans.


I was kind of in a transitional stage of the morning. I threw on my every day boots that are stylish and cozy and ran outside. David takes one look at me and kind of laughs: Um, you might want to wear work clothes for today. I will be in work clothes before we go to the property.

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David: Sounds good. So, David had spent many hours and dollars building something for the property. I am sure it has a name, but I know it not.

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It probably weighs about pounds and he is confident that HD, LD, SP, and myself will be a stellar enough team to help him load it into the truck. DM was at work Me: Can you just use your Bobcat to load it? I am the brains of this operation David: No because I loaded the Bobcat already. I am a wife worth more than fine rubies. So we have to pick it up and somehow drag it to the truck.

Then we have to lift it up onto the trailer. He goes and gets a variety of jacks and we lift it onto jacks. My suggestion was ignored. Somehow, we got it up there. No one died. No trips to the emergency room were needed. I was just hoping that if it were to crush any of us, it would crush me and not the children. David and Jack got right to work on the power set up, including pouring concrete and such.

Everyone else was cutting down grass and making burn piles. Yours truly operated a DR trimmer mower. As if yours truly knew such a thing existed. And I could do a commercial for that thing because wowie wow wow. Here is a picture of the river from our new property. Last week, I was on recess duty.

This happens often. Anyways, I am out there with the other two first grade teachers and 75 six year olds. We must remain calm. We have all seen snow before! We all know this happens!

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I shall not tell you where we live. I am not sure why, but it is something I started a long time ago, and I shall keep the tradition alive. One boy brought me in a Diet Coke and a muffin. He was surely proud and I made a big deal of it for his sake. So, I thanked him and put it on my desk.

And told him I must be the luckiest teacher in the world. Your hands are shaking!

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How am I old enough to have them? And we all know I am old now, what with the shaking hands and whatnot. Teens are sassy. And difficult. And funny. And lovable. But mostly exhausting. She wants a car, but she has not saved up for one yet. Me: When you get your license, you can drive my car and drop me off at school, then drop your brothers off at school, and then you will have a car at school. DM: No way, Mom. I am not driving your car. It is a total MOM car. Me: No, it is not! DM: Um, yeah. Me: Do you not understand the size of his truck? Do you not understand the concept of gas mileage?

We drive 40 miles each way to town! DM shrugging : Trucks are cool. I want my own. I want to name it Waylon. I am going to go broke paying for the gas and food for these people. And too bad for her. I already named our bull, Waylon. So, ha. She had a basketball breakfast fundraiser and served the entire fam.

Here she is snuggling up with my super cute niece and nephew. I love all of my nieces and nephews, especially cute little ones when I am deep in the throes of teenage angst and middle school sass. My nephew, just turned three. He gives me hugs!

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He loves my cows! We look at cow pictures together! Thank you for cooking me dinner. Speaking of sass- The other day, the boys were driving me nuts and being loud and obnoxious, as per their usual custom.