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Pages Received 13 Feb Research articles. RRI as the inheritor of deliberative democracy and the precautionary principle.

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Journal of Responsible Innovation Volume 5, - Issue 1. Published online: 4 May Ulrike Felt et al. Journal of Responsible Innovation Volume 5, - Issue 2. Published online: 6 Apr Published online: 7 Aug Published online: 24 Feb Diana M. His was a personality of insane zealotry, berserk bloodthirst, dark charisma, and tactical genius. He had excellent voice acting, an excellent aesthetic, and also wondrous gameplay. He was without doubt one of the most deadly hero units in all of Dark Crusade, capable of taking down and destroying utterly Gorgutz 'Ead Unter and the Necron Lord unless he used that Essence of the Nightbringer ability.

Fortunately it doesn't last long, he's easy to kite and his damage is pretty shit compared to Eliphas' anyway. He also was loved for his sinister, cruel quips and dickish manners, consistently putting down his enemies not only on the battlefield, but also with his eloquence.

Whatever Happened to “The Inheritors”?

He was also the first to imply the Blood Ravens' possible descent from a Traitor Legion, making him incredibly important to the overarching plot arc of the Blood Ravens. Here is where some people think it all went a bit down hill. This new appearance of Eliphas did away with the character's badass helmet and voice. Paul Dobson was replaced with Steve Blum due to the former also being the voice actor for Gabriel Angelos, even though the latter is the voice of Cyrus.

Steve Blum's voice acting was excellent all the same and many consider him equal to Paul or indeed, surpassing him. However, others feel that the voice didn't need to be changed and were disappointed. Some fans felt alienated and when Eliphas was defeated yet again, and decided to look to Araghast himself as Eliphas' successor. Ultimately, Eliphas was less well received in Chaos Rising and a percentage of his fanbase were disillusioned with the character.

It was also implied in the end that Eliphas in fact served the the most despised Chaos Lord ever to serve the Name of Chaos. This evoked the expected response. But that changed with Retribution, where Eliphas was given Terminator armour and was made a playable character again. He was also given some of the best writing and truly seemed like the brutal evil warlord he always used to be. Unfortunately, he had to suck up to Abaddon again, but hey. What did you want him to do? Spout out every reason why he's a failure to his face? Games Workshop would throw a bitchfit. So yeah, people are generally divided on what to think of Eliphas, but most agree that he's a complete badass.

Probably the most iconic character in the game, second only to Angelos. Lorgar did not elevate him, saying only that he had inherited his command. He never earned his place, and we will never let him forget it.

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It remains to be seen whether the book Inheritor is simply a nod to Eliphas' videogame awesomeness or if this is a sign that he may be promoted to playing a bigger role in the setting wouldn't be first time that's happened , but we can hope! The story itself fleshes his character out a bit.

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Turns out he has massive Daddy issues, and wants to burn the Imperium so Lorgar will finally notice him. No doubt that Eliphas is probably jealous of his brother Argel Tal.

Sabbat Crusade: The Inheritor King

Eliphas was known to be already present on Kronus during the events of Horus Heresy, where he participated in a battle against the Ultramarines as a young champion Lord Eliphas, fresh from his victory in Aurelia, recently told the full details of this defeat; it turns out that he was stuck from behind accidentally by a retarded Ultramarine named Cornelius; who was elevated to sergeant for this act.

Cornelius, to this day, has never once more been promoted. When the Word Bearers were routed by the Ultrafags, he was damned to the Basilica of Torments and returned to the mortal plane after a thousand years of torment as a mighty and terrible Chaos Lord of the Word Bearers and brought others under his warband.

This cabal had turned to Chaos in light of their experiences with the recent rise of the Necrons on Kronus, and Eliphas had answered. On the eighth night of their visit to the Temple, Virgilius led them to the great chamber at the temple's heart, where he and eight of his cultists were sacrificed on an icon of Chaos. The Warp opened between the points of the eight-pointed star and Eliphas stepped forth, heralding the beginning of the Ninth Inheritance. Thus, presumably, we have an idea on how he got his name. Eliphas' objective is slaughter the other powers on the planet in glorification of Khorne and bring it under his thrall as a daemon world.

Throughout the campaign he has the following opportunities to get even closer to the Dark Gods: He gets even more favour with the Blood God by assraping the Orks and giving the big guy their skulls along with that of Crull 's, Slaanesh's by busting open Eldar soulstones so that the hermaphroditic freak can have a late night snack, Papa Nurgle's by releasing a Great Unclean One from captivity, and Tzeentch's by pwning all the Motherfucking Necrons.

Somehow, he can even get the favour of Abaddon if he fucks up the Blood Ravens maybe Abaddon was watching and decide that he has wonderful arms Since the canon winners of Dark Crusade are the Blood Ravens, how much he actually accomplished is up to debate, though due to his closeness to Khorne, we can assume he at least retrieved Crull's skull from Gorgutz in a skirmish or something.

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As a result of his unexpected popularity, Eliphas returns in Chaos Rising. He fights as a champion for the Black Legion against the Blood Ravens in Aurelia, having been brought back to life by bargaining his way from the Warp and just fighting his way out in other segments. Like Kratos a true badass out of hell. He then joins forces with Araghast the Pillager and serves as his second-in-command.


He's later seen in the Judgement of Carrion, speaking to a strangely armed Abaddon. Though behind the scenes footage reveals that another Chaos terminator was in fact behind Abaddon serving as his arms. Eliphas swears to Abaddon that we will destroy the Blood Ravens. Depending on whether you think he was trying to set the prologue for the Blood Ravens to destroy themselves in a civil war or simply to outright destroy the sub-sector; Eliphas could arguably have succeeded here or come close to it.

Eliphas apparently channels the spirit of Araghast's badassness in this expansion. His voice has grown angrier and he seems to exhibit some Blood Knight tendencies. He gets the one liners we all know and love from Dark Crusade back too. Yes, it seemed as if Eliphas was finally back to his old self