The Hudson River Estuary

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However, estuaries vary greatly in their susceptibility to eutrophication. The Hudson River estuary receives very high levels of nutrient inputs yet in the past has shown relatively low rates of phytoplankton productivity and is generally considered to be only moderately susceptible to eutrophication.

Here, we show that eutrophication and primary production in the Hudson estuary can increase dramatically in response to climatic variation and lowered freshwater discharge from the watershed. During dry summer periods in and , rates of primary production were substantially higher than those measured during the s, when freshwater discharge tended to be high.

Hudson River

In the Hudson, low freshwater discharge increases waterresidence times and stratification and deepens the photic zone, all of which alone or in combination could lead to the observed increase in primary production. Our data, along with the prediction of most climate change models that freshwater discharge will be lower in the future during the summer in the northeastern US, suggest that the Hudson will become more susceptible to eutrophication.

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Eutrophication in an estuary is a complex process, and climate change is likely to affect each estuary differently due to interactions with nutrient loadings and physical circulation. Hence, it is essential to consider the effects of climate change in the context of individual estuarine functioning to successfully manage eutrophication in the future.

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Implementation of the Action Agenda relies on partnerships with federal and state agencies, as well as local municipalities, non-profits, academic and scientific institutions, businesses, trade organizations, landowners and dedicated volunteers. The Hudson River Estuary Management Advisory Committee provides guidance to the program, helps the state define goals and evaluate progress, and provides a communication bridge to a wider group of partners and stakeholders.

Numerous government partners participate as ex-officio members to the committee and help deliver our Action Agenda results.

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Agency members include:.