The Hemingway Cookbook

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Here his father showed him the ropes of hiking, camping, fishing and hunting.

The Hemingway Cookbook

Ed further taught him how to skin, clean and cook what they caught or killed. These lessons carried directly over to the lean early times in Paris, then a good cheap place to live for Americans because of the favorable exchange rates. He hung out around the Medici Fountain and around closing time Ernest would grab and strangle a pigeon, and smuggle it out of the gardens hidden in the baby carriage with his son. Hemingway was a carnivore. No surprise there. Given his druthers the barrel-chested, six foot Hemingway, would have be a carnivore the way vegans are vegetarian. And in fact his enjoyment of meat and shellfish remained a culinary constant.

But as a schoolboy Hemingway painfully learned why it might be helpful to eat vegetables. The broad scope of the topic and the seemingly unlimited approaches made for a challenging contest.

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Top honors went to Jerri Gillette for her story. And congratulaions also go out to our second and third place winners, respectively Joe Meany and Elizabeth Sugas. Ironically, our first and second place winners both used a flashback to a military setting. All three stories, of course, focused on food; however, our third place winner chose activities near and dear to Hemingway: camping, fishing, and eating fresh trout.

The Hemingways' Summer Vacations.

Saturday evening President Mike Federspiel kept our membership spellbound as he showed slides from his book. He focused on the Hemingways being a "typical" family of the time who built a cottage in northern Michigan and enjoyed escaping from the city to this area for their summer days while their children were growing up. Many pictures shown were those that Mike had which were not in the final cut for the book. Many positive reviews have been posted on facebook.

Check out this recent review from NPR. The author's profits from the sales of this book will benefit the Michigan Hemingway Endowment at our partner institution, the Clarke Historical Library of Central Michigan University. Using the links below will also benefit MHS.

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Planned activities include tours of regional sites associated with Hemingway and the Nick Adams stories, and a sunset boat cruise at the Straits of Mackinac. An opening reception is planned at the historic Perry Hotel where Hemingway once stayed, as well as a closing banquet at the beautiful Bay Harbor Yacht Club.

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For more information see the conference web site www. As the date gets closer volunteer and sponsorship opportunities will be available.

Coming to northern Michigan? Want to tour historic Hemingway haunts? MHS offers this guide with suggested readings. It's Time to renew your Michigan Hemingway Society membership.

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