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To increase the life of the fragrance, clean the candles with a damp towel. While the candle glow and pulsating flicker creates warm and relaxing environment, the wattage of the LED bulb itself is too low to produce any heat and the bulb will remain cool to the touch even after hours of use. It is not recommended that wax candles - flameless or traditional - be used outside given the tendency of wax to melt. Even if the temperatures are cool, the impact of direct sunlight on wax will cause candles to soften and warp. Using wax candles only indoors are recommended.

The LED bulbs used inside the candles will last around , hours of active use, meaning it is likely you will never use the entire life of the candle and you will never need to replace the candle bulb, only the batteries. Each candle is made of a high quality plastic and finished with a non-melting coating that not only protects the finish of the candle, but provides a silky smooth texture that makes it look and feel like a real wax candle.

They are water resistant, not waterproof. They are certainly plenty safe to leave outside in the rain, however, if the water starts to pool where the candle is resting in standing water, it is best to remove it for risk of water damage to the battery compartment and internal wiring. We generally recommend a covered patio for all lanterns seeing how full exposure to the elements is a bit harsher on wood and metal than it is to plastic.

These items can certainly get wet and will be durable, but their total live and appearance may be diminished if they are exposed to full weather over time. Each will work with our universal remote to turn the candles on and off. However, the outdoor candles and lanterns don't use all of the functions of the remote including the dimmer option, candle vs static light and timer options. The timer on each of these candles is a standard 6-hour daily timer.

Each candle requires two 2 C batteries that will last at least hours of continuous use. Depending on the quality of the battery, you can often see more than 1, hours of battery life, but the light brightness will naturally dim as the battery gets weaker. Read Our Return Policy. Flameless Candle FAQs.

Are LED candles environmentally safe? Are flameless recyclable? Do you offer free shipping?

4 Ways You're Burning Candles All Wrong

Company Information How long have you been in business? Were you the original flameless candle? What makes your candles the best? Are you sold at any retailers? Warranty Information How long do you warranty your products? Will your replace candles bought at retail? What if my candle melted?

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What is your return policy? Rechargeable Candles What is the difference between the different series?

Switching from candles to solar energy for lighting: A gender perspective

What is the total live expectancy of these candles? Do you sell through restaurant supply dealers? Do you ship internationally? My candles are not charging. What am I doing wrong? How do I know if my product is still covered under warranty?

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How does the warranty process work? Are my charging bases covered under warranty? How often should I charge my tea lights? Wax Flameless Candles What is the battery life of the candles? Fragrance warmers eliminate the dangers of the indoor air pollution and open flame of a lit candle. With Candle Warmers Etc. Q: How are Candle Warmers, Etc. A: Candle Warmers, Etc. The other products you see in stores are imitations of Candle Warmers Etc.

In addition, all of our lamp and lantern candle warmers are patented and you will only find these products under the Candle Warmers, Etc. Q: Does the candle have to be in a jar or some sort of dish? A: Yes, make sure that you use only jar candles. If you are using wax chips, tarts, potpourri, etc. Otherwise wax will melt onto the warmer. Q: Is burning candles a thing of the past?

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Because of the dangers and safety issues associated with burning candles, using wax warmers is becoming more and more popular. Using a candle warmer simply provides a quick, safe, clean, and healthy alternative to burning candles. Q: Do your warmers melt large candles? A: Yes, most of our candle warming products can accommodate most 4 oz. For our plate warmers, we recommend using 4 to 12 oz. Q: How long does it take to melt a candle?

A: That depends on whether you are using a Candle Warmer Lamp a few minutes or one of our Candle Warmer Plates an hour or more depending on the size of the candle. Q: Can a candle warmer crack or break my candle jar? A: All Candle Warmers Etc. Your Candle Warmers Etc.

Can I purchase bulbs at a regular hardware store? A: No, the bulbs found in your candle warmer lamps or lanterns have a narrow beam that is focused directly onto the candle. Bulbs that are found in hardware centers have a beam with a wider focus and will not melt the candle. Click here to order replacement bulbs.

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Q: How will I know when to replace my candle? A: Unlike burning a candle, warming a candle will not cause the wax to burn off.

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Over time as the candle is repeatedly heated, the fragrance will eventually evaporate and the candle will produce a weaker scent. If you are using one of our candle warmer lamps or lanterns and the scent starts to diminish from your candle, simply pour the melted wax into an empty metal or glass container and discard. The rest of the unmelted candle is still good and still holds fragrance. Q: What brands of jar candles are safe to use with a Candle Warmers Etc. A: Most candles are completely safe to be used on, in, or under any of our products.

To ensure your candle is safe to be used with our candle warmers, contact the candle manufacturer before use.

Q: How long are the power cords on your warmers? A: Power cords are about three feet long. Q: How long do the bulbs last? A: Most bulbs last between 1, to 1, hours. Turning your bulb on and off within a five minute period will shorten the life of the bulb. Q: How do I know which replacement bulb to order?

A: Some of our warmers use a warming plate, and some use a bulb. Click here to see which type of replacement bulb your warmer needs. Q: Will carrying Candle Warmers Etc. A: Quite the opposite. Candle warmers open new sales avenues for retailers who have traditionally sold only candles. Building a candle program that includes candle warmers increases the average sales ticket.

Because candle warmers are so consumer friendly, consumers experiment with more scented candles in the home, translating into increased candle sales.

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Q: Some of the ceramic warmer finishes are different. They flicker, and suddenly the flames reappear. Looking bemused, the birthday boy or girl tries to blow out the candles—again and again, much to the delight of the onlookers. Trick candles, also known as magic candles, can add a flash of spontaneity to any party. The chemistry that allows these candles to repeatedly reignite turns out to be surprisingly simple.