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The gathering starts in the evening sometime between 8 and 10, and lasts until 3 or 4 in the morning. Similar to other social gatherings, prohibition of drugs and alcohol emphasizes a clean and healthy lifestyle at Round Dances. According to some sources, the Plains Cree received this dance in the late 19th century from the Assiniboine, who called it the Moving Slowly Dance. Originally a healing dance, it became a social dance, and in its current form serves both social and ceremonial functions. Often sponsored by a family or community organization, either as a memorial gathering or a primarily social event, Round Dance celebrations vary from community to community.

When sponsored as a memorial service, the event includes prayers, Round dancing, a giveaway and a ceremonial feast, to balance the social and ceremonial goals of the sponsors.

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The main dancing style seen at this Cree gathering is Round dancing. Its accompaniment consists of a group of singers striking hand drums in unison. The dancers join hands to form a large circle, symbolically indicating the equality of all people in the circle. The dancers move to their left with a side-shuffle step to reflect the long-short pattern of the drumbeat, bending their knees to emphasize the pattern.

Colorado Round Dance Association (CRDA)

While this is the main style of dancing at these Cree gatherings, the Tail Wagging Dance, or kawepayiwe , is occasionally interspersed. Some researchers have described the Tail Wagging Dance as a variation of the circle formation, in which a man breaks into the circle to dance beside a woman to whom he is attracted.

Toronto Police were taken by surprise when about 70 supporters of the Standing Rock Sioux took advantage of a red light to spill out onto southbound University Avenue for a round dance in front of the U. Toronto stands up for standing rock.

They trace a journey through loss, abandonment, and heartbreak carried by song: Creek stomp dance, the ceremony that keeps the beat of the heart going, the drums of the ancestors; round dance song; a Creek lullaby; disco; powwow songs; Forty-Nine songs; Creek Sunrise song; and, of course, Harjo's signature blues and jazz, the winds working with her to sing through her sax.

Joy Harjo. Conflict Resolution for Holy Beings. Ateneo extends streak to 11, escapes persistent FEU.

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Laboucan honoured for tireless leadership. On December 17, activists held a flash mob in Regina's Cornwall Centre shopping mall, using a traditional " round dance " and drums. The liner notes also give the Cree legend of the Round Dance.

Northern Cree Ewipihcihk. Originally, however, the hornpipe was in triple metre and was danced, not by sailors, but by country people, and not as a solo dance for men but as a round dance for couples.

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Hornpipes and disordered dancing in The Late Lancashire Witches: a reel crux? Dictionary browser? Full browser?

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