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The Insight Toolkit ITK utilizes a generic design for image processing filters that allows many developers to rapidly implement new algorithms. While ITK filters benefit from a platform-independent and versatile multithreading capability, the current [ This module contains two texture analysis filters that are used to compute feature maps of N-Dimensional images using two well-known texture analysis [ McCormick M.

Strain quantifies local deformation of a solid body. In medical imaging, strain reflects how tissue deforms under load. Or, it can quantify growth or atrophy of tissue, such as the growth of a tumor.

Additionally, strain from the transformation that results [ Senra Filho A. The anisotropic diffusion algorithm has been intensively studied in the past decades, which could be considered as a very efficient image denoising procedure in many biomedical applications. Several authors contributed many clever solutions for diffusion [ Tustison N. In an earlier Insight Journal article, we introduced an ITK implementation of the adaptive patch-based image denoising algorithm described in [3].