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Usage note See lady. Examples from the Web for gentlemen These gentlemen , said Clausewitz in brief, had the misfortune of mistaking the accoutrements of war for its essential nature. The Golden Dog William Kirby.

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Scenes from a Courtesan's Life Honore de Balzac. The Christian Hall Caine.

The Malefactor E. Phillips Oppenheim.

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Evan Harrington, Complete George Meredith. British history a man of gentle birth, who was entitled to bear arms, ranking above a yeoman in social position. Derived Forms gentlemanly , adjective gentlemanliness , noun. The Gentleman is always truthful and sincere; will not agree for the sake of complaisance or out of weakness ; will not pass over that of which he disapproves. He has a clear soul, and a fearless, straightforward tongue.

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On the other hand he is not blunt and rude. His truth is courteous; his courtesy, truthful; never a humbug, yet, where he truthfully can, he prefers to say pleasant things.

Gentlemen Of The Road Shows

Vernon, "Contemporary Review," ]. Since , this annual contest, sponsored by the Network of enlightened Women NeW , has been a way to recognize and honor young gentlemen across the country.

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In January, the Showcase will be open for you to nominate a gentleman in your life. We are looking for men who exemplify the qualities of a true gentleman — chivalry, kindness, servanthood, and generosity to name a few. We hope you will join us in celebrating and honoring the gentlemen on our campuses and in our communities this year.

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  • The Gentlemen trailer – how ridiculous can Guy Ritchie's new movie get?.
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  • Start thinking about the gentlemen in your life that you can recognize and thank with a nomination. Nominations open January Is your organization or business interested in co-sponsorship?

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    These are the previous NeW Gentlemen of the Year who exemplify how men should treat women on campus and in their communities. There are many ways that we can serve on our campuses and and give back to our communities.

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    From hosting a clothing drive, food drive, or fundraiser for a