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In the first chapter alone there's two foot chases, a roof jump, and Sam Kage being a badass. So what do I think you need to know? The story is once again told entirely from Miro's perspective. Chickie Baby, Drake and Cabot, and Dr. Hartley all make appearances.

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And I really, really don't want to give anything away with this review - suffice it to say I think I said, "Holy shit! This was a roller coaster ride of action and emotion that I didn't want to end. Fans of All Kinds of Tied Down will not be disappointed with this installment. Packed with action, humor, scorching hot sexy times, and plenty of emotions Fit To Be Tied was a rollicking, action packed, good time I just wanted more of! This is book 2 in the Marshall series. While each book from this author can be enjoyed as a standalone novel, reading in order makes it a lot more fun!

Miro and Ian's story continues as we get into the 2nd book of the series. They are getting used to being partners in more than one sense of the word. Now roommates, they found that living together makes everything nicer. Only hiccup in the works, besides Ian having to take off when duty calls, is that Miro wants to be married and Ian does not think they need a piece of paper. To Miro, it is a special thing to be married and he wants it more than air.

Giving up Ian is not something he is willing to do, so Miro thinks he will just have to go on the way they have been. Miro and Ian make an amazing couple!

Elementary Fit to be Tied 2

They compliment each other well and it is good to see. The other characters show up in this book as well and makes me feel good. The best part for me is that they are a solid couple, even when others try to come between them. You can read it as a stand alone, but it will be so much better if you read book one, All Kinds of Tied Down, first. I love this high action fast paced series and this book was even more intense than the first.

Plot The honeymoon period is over. They love each other, they live together, honestly that should be enough. When an escaped prisoner is out to take Miro, things get all sort of insane, exciting, and intense. This plot has a Criminal Minds feel. So if you like that show, you will love this book. Even though Miro and Ian are struggling with their relationship, the love and passion never wains. The non stop action and subtle dry humor make this book impossible to put down. There is more in store for this high action series.

I love a series that each book has a conclusion, but the story will continue. In my opinion this series could go on and on. Ian and Miro have such different characteristics. They balance one another so well. As we learn more about them, we understand why they are the way they are.

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Reviewed by Mollien from Alpha Book Club. Loved the audio! Tristan James did a fantastic job at narrating Fit to Be Tied. Ian and Miro are jumping right into the heavy stuff and it's not working well for them. Miro wants to get married, in fact he got a ring and got down on one knee. Ian doesn't.

Ian doesn't understand why. What difference would it make? He isn't going to love Miro any more or less just because of a ring and a piece of paper. Sally has finally found a guy, but now she's not sure a relationship is even worth the bother.

No matter how hard Brett tries to avoid trouble, he somehow stumbles right back into the thick of it. And Marybeth and Bucky continue to fumble and bumble as they learn how to handle being rich. The Bucklin family is known for drama--and Bucklin family drama knows no bounds. Read excerpt. Author: Debby Mayne is the author of more than 60 novels and novellas. She writes family and faith-based romances, cozy mysteries, and women's fiction.

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She has also written more than 1, short stories and articles as well as dozens of devotions for busy women. Her parents were both from the Deep South, so Debby enjoys featuring characters with Southern drawls, quirky mannerisms, and a deep appreciation for down-home cooking. She and her husband currently live in the Charleston, South Carolina, area. To find more of her writing, go to debbymayne. Add to wish list. An Unholy Communion Book 3.

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